Our Extrusion Dies(T-DIES)

Over 20 years’  concentration

JCtimes was founding in1996, and  devoted to developing the highest quality blown film die.

Over 38,000 sets of die production practice data

We focus on the overall matching and performance improvement of the die production lines.

Over 60 professional and technical engineers

From the production of high-precision dies to the integrated solutions, we are committed to the new technologies.

More than 70 patents of various types

Has a heat treatment center, center plating, material analysis center, a plurality of flow channel simulation laboratory etc.

Hollow Profile Dies Series

Sheet / Foil Dies Series

Cast Film Dies

Cast film die series, including dies for producing CPP/CPE film, stretching film, breathable film, barrier film, etc

Type of product structure: twin wall, honeycomb, X type, etc.
The thickness of a special multilayer hollow sheet can reach 80mm.
For PP standard hollow sheet, the thickness ranges from 2mm to 12 mm, and the width is from 1200-3000mm.

Sheet die series and co-extrusion feed block, including dies for producing an optical sheet, light guide plate, stationery sheet, board for producing refrigerator and bathtub, PVC foamed board and so on.

The Information You Want To Know

-from our professionals.

 Why Do You Have To Choose Our Extrusion Dies?

Solution program of the extrusion die
  • Polymer analysis solution: Customer's demands, polymer analysis, flow channel simulation.
  • Die head design solution: Melt flow rheology analyzer, die flow channel simulation system, Siemens NX3D, exploitation & application of leading technology
  • Precision manufacturing: World's leading technical support, EU-imported 5-axis machining center, global standard quality control system, international advanced EPICOR.
  • Comprehensive service: Professional engineer team, 24 hours hotline service support.
Maintenance of the extrusion die
  • Consulting and supervision: 24 hours real-time follow-up, particular brand service system, ready to receive all of our global customers’ consultation and supervision.
  • Upgrade and transformation: Offer accurate technical support, on-site maintenance, product repair, spare parts supply, and product upgrading and retrofitting, etc. 
  • Maintenance and maintenance: Establish files for product technical details, and operate the machines strictly following the instructions; technical pieces of training; regular maintenance.
Innovation of the extrusion die
  • Technology department: JCTIMES has its own polymer analysis center and flow channel simulation laboratory and innovation center, thus each die is manufactured in high precision.
  • Strategic cooperation: JCTIMES has cooperated with several research institutions and labs, turning the achievements of science - technology innovation into productivity. 
  • Professional platform: JCTIMES is equipped with both world advanced hardware and software, providing broad development space for our staff, thus creating the most professional team in the extrusion die industry.

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How does Jctimes Help You




Jctimes provides customers with an integrated solution. The die products it produces are one-to-one customized production.

Jctimes has set up service centers in Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and etc to provide customers with accurate technical support, on-site maintenance, product repair, spare parts supply and product upgrades.

Jctimes has established resident services in the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries to help us extend our premium brand services to a broader international market.

Countries We Have Cooperated With

Multilayer Manifold Dies

Multi-layer Co-extrusion Blown Film Die Series

Narrow Cap Coating Dies Series

No MOQ: customers can order according to demand.

Production cycle: different for each order, depending on the actual order product.

Payment method: 30% will be paid when the contract takes effect, 70% will be paid in one lump sum before delivery.

Export orders: generally shipped by sea, urgent orders are specially treated according to customer needs.

Regular terms of sale: FOB.


Top One In  China's Extrusion Die Industry

Coating production for hot-melt adhesive, pressure-sensitive glue, water-soluble solution, other solvents, and solution.

Each layer of the flow channel is specially designed for each specific polymer. Comparing with co-extrusion through the die and feed block, multilayer manifold die can get a more uniform and accurate proportion of each layer of polymer. There are separate temperature control units in each layer of the flow channel, with a heat insulation device.

External die lip is designed to be adjustable, to keep the concentricity with internal die lip.
Optimized design, strong self-cleaning capacity, short cleaning time, low-pressure loss and easy assembly.





23 years’ experience in flat die industry

Ranking the world's 3rd supplier in flat die industry

An area of 60,000 square meters


Holding more than 60% market share in China 

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Top One In  China's Extrusion Die Industry

Send us an inquiry, we will contact you back within 24 hours.

Our Screen Changer Systems


Applicable to production asking for low-frequency screen change.
Need to halt the production for screen change. A type, the screen shape is circular and for B type, it is oval. 

By a whole pack of filtering components, unmelted particles and other impurities will be cleared away. The stainless screen is the important part. 

Pillar Type Screen Changer Series 

Slide Plate Screen Changer Series

Ring-shaped heater, getting consistent and stable heating. 
Leak-free operation and fast shift screen changes. 
A flexible sealing device, suitable for processing a wide variety of polymers in high output and connecting with extruders with different standards. 
Screen changing time within 2 seconds, screen dia.ranges from 70mm to 450mm. 
The stainless screen is designed with high precision,wear-resistance and pressure resistance. 
For operating pressure, below 25Mpa and for temperature, below 300℃.


Didn't find what you want? Don't worry! 

Goodee screen changer system is designed for high precision plastic products. It is based on many experts research and it fits for the high precision filtration. Goodee screen changer has a wide use in the plastic extrusion process. It enables continual production without shutdown and with high-pressure resistance. And there is no pressure fluctuation during screen changing.
The series includes 
Slide plate screen changerpillar screen changer, back-flush screen changer, automated control band screen changer, and manual control screen changer. We will provide customized design according to special customer request from different application fields.

Meltblown Non-Woven Dies 

The meltblown nonwoven process is using high-speed hot air to draw the melt stream from spinneret hole of die. After this process,microfiber will be formed and gathered on the collecting screen or roller.At last the meltblown nonwoven fabric is formed by the self-bonding microfiber. 

5 J41 / 3 P25


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Plastic Melt Gear Pump

The ideal processing oflow to high viscosity raw materials
widely used in various fields is achieved by combining the best continuous operation
with perfect product quality.